Tres leches carrot cake

Tres leches carrot cake |

October, November and December are definitely some of my favorite months of the year – they’re just so festive! We kick things off with Halloween, then glide into Thanksgiving, then wobble into Christmas. The year is winding down, people tend to be in a good mood, and there’s lots of good food and drink to…

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Restaurant review: Picture (London)

Restaurant review of Picture - London |

A couple of months ago I made an online restaurant reservation using Opentable and although the reservation was fine, I immediately regretted giving them my main email address because I was getting multiple emails daily advertising new restaurants, deals, and special promotions. Right when I was about to click the “unsubscribe” link, one of the restaurants…

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Marinara sauce, revisited

marinara sauce revisited |

You might not have noticed, but I’m obsessed with tomato sauce. Well, tomatoes in general, but I lovvvee me some red lycopene-filled tomatoes! I could totally have made this a niche blog called SeeFoodTomato, because pretty much all of my favorite recipes start out exactly the same way: with a red sauce. That’s right –…

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Banana bread

Banana bread |

For the past few weeks I have been loving watching the leaves change into gorgeous reds and yellows. Not to mention, I can finally break out my comfy scarf collection, now that there’s a nice chill to the air. Last week I happened upon the Spitalfield Market in London and kind of went scarf crazy!…

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Venice: trip report

Venice trip report |

This trip report has been in the making for quite some time because there’s just so much to say about this amazing place! Earlier today, I was going through photos from our Italian Adventures in 2014 and came across the most-recent trip: Venice in August. Seeing all the gorgeous colors and reminiscing over the delicious…

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Life: enjoy the process

Life: enjoy the process |

It’s already December 2015. As in, one month away from January 2016. Ever have the feeling that a whole year of your life just flew by, in the blink of an eye? That’s definitely what I’m feeling right now. This past year has seen its ups and downs (though, mostly ups) and honestly I don’t…

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Microwave scrambled eggs

microwave scrambled eggs |

This past month has been busier than busy, and my priorities have been less on food and more on…well, just getting things done. Now I’m the first person to not mind spending two hours on an elaborate morning breakfast on the weekend, whipping up pancakes, quiches, hash browns and whatever else my starving Saturday self…

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