DIY Lemon body scrub

DIY lemon body scrub |

The past few months have been a mixed bag of some good, and some less good things, but now I’m back and ready to get back to the swing of things here at Seefoodplay. Life threw a few things at me, some planned, some unplanned, and I’ve definitely taken this blogging break to re-focus on…

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Tres leches carrot cake

Tres leches carrot cake |

October, November and December are definitely some of my favorite months of the year – they’re just so festive! We kick things off with Halloween, then glide into Thanksgiving, then wobble into Christmas. The year is winding down, people tend to be in a good mood, and there’s lots of good food and drink to…

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Restaurant review: Picture (London)

Restaurant review of Picture - London |

A couple of months ago I made an online restaurant reservation using Opentable and although the reservation was fine, I immediately regretted giving them my main email address because I was getting multiple emails daily advertising new restaurants, deals, and special promotions. Right when I was about to click the “unsubscribe” link, one of the restaurants…

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Marinara sauce, revisited

marinara sauce revisited |

You might not have noticed, but I’m obsessed with tomato sauce. Well, tomatoes in general, but I lovvvee me some red lycopene-filled tomatoes! I could totally have made this a niche blog called SeeFoodTomato, because pretty much all of my favorite recipes start out exactly the same way: with a red sauce. That’s right –…

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Banana bread

Banana bread |

For the past few weeks I have been loving watching the leaves change into gorgeous reds and yellows. Not to mention, I can finally break out my comfy scarf collection, now that there’s a nice chill to the air. Last week I happened upon the Spitalfield Market in London and kind of went scarf crazy!…

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Venice: trip report

Venice trip report |

This trip report has been in the making for quite some time because there’s just so much to say about this amazing place! Earlier today, I was going through photos from our Italian Adventures in 2014 and came across the most-recent trip: Venice in August. Seeing all the gorgeous colors and reminiscing over the delicious…

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